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Static core

Static core

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  • Release date:2020-03-31 15:59:11
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Iron integrated chip can be divided into static transformer core and moving transformer core. The static transformer core is the main iron integrated chip of the transformer, which is a closed cross shaped roller. The primary and secondary coils are wound on both sides of the static transformer core. The movable transformer core is inserted in the middle of the static transformer core, and a changeable line rail roller magnetic circuit is shown in the middle of the mouth shaped transformer core. The moving of the movable transformer core can adjust the output current, that is, the welding current.

The electromagnetic coil is composed of a static iron integrated chip, and the moving iron integrated chip is a part of the electromagnetic coil. When the electromagnetic coil is connected to the power supply, the magnetic field force makes the moving transformer core push the circuit breaker to move away from the elastic yellow force and keep the power switch connected. The common transformer coils are generally made of ferrite cores. Silicon steel is a kind of steel containing silicon and a kind of magnetic chemical substance with strong magnetic absorption capacity. In the electromagnetic coil connected to the power supply, it can cause great magnetic induction strength, and then make the volume of the transformer smaller.



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