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Round head needle roller
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What is a round head needle

2020-02-18 15:51:58

The roller bearing of pin manufacturer belongs to the turning body, which is the most critical component of rolling bearing as well as the bearing steel ball, and is the most widely used turning body in rolling bearing manufacturing industry. The quality of roller bearing immediately endangers the quality of roller bearing.

Technical standard for tapered roller bearings

The larger the tapered roller bearing is called the datum plane. There are cone datum, plane datum and spherical datum, and the cone angle φ is 1 ° - 4 ° 20 ', because the working characteristics of the spherical datum are good, the lower side only discusses the spherical datum.

The specification of roller bearing requires the definition of various dimensional tolerances of roller bearing and the tolerance value of actual production and manufacturing. The definition of various dimensional tolerances is as follows:

Roundness deviation: the larger axial distance between the circumscribed circle of the line (outer) surface and the random points on the network.

Single plan diameter variation vdwp: the arithmetic mean value of larger and minimum single diameter of roller bearing in single axial plan.

Cylindricity of standard inner hole: 1.2 times of the larger fillet size of the roller bearing on the standard inner hole of the cone, and the center point is on the circle on the pivot net of the roller bearing, and the difference between the larger and the minimum radial spacing of each point on the circle and the axial plan.

Cone angle error Δ 2 φ: in any radial plan of roller bearing, the difference between the intersection angle of two prime lines on the cone surface of roller bearing and the nominal pressure cone angle of roller bearing.

Vdwl: the difference between the average diameter of a single plan and that of a roller bearing with a larger average diameter of a single plan.

Change of cone angle of gauge value batch V2 φ L: in the same gauge value batch, the difference of cone angle between roller bearing with larger cone angle and roller bearing with minimum cone angle.

Production process of tapered roller bearing

The whole manufacturing process of tapered roller bearing varies with the accuracy, specification, size, mass production and processing mode of roller bearing, but the whole process of basic production and manufacturing is basically the same. The whole process of symbolic manufacturing of class III tapered roller bearing is: feeding (straightening, filleting) - stamping die forming - removing the ring belt ——Select the material head - soft grinding diameter - soft grinding inner hole - tempering treatment - channeling air oxide skin - fine grinding diameter - channeling soft point - soft point inspection - heat cleaning and rust prevention treatment - grinding inner hole - heat cleaning and rust prevention treatment - according to the m diameter - final grinding diameter - Ultra Precision diameter - heat cleaning, dry cleaning - final inspection and selection - oiling packaging. In order to analyze conveniently, the whole process of production and manufacturing can be divided into six sections: rough embryo production and processing - soft grinding before conditioning treatment - conditioning treatment - hard grinding after conditioning treatment - deep processing - quality detection and sorting.

Analysis of key production and processing of tapered roller bearing in the process of pin production

The professional pin processing methods include cold heading, hot heading and milling, among which the cold heading is of high efficiency and the roller bearing is of good quality in nature. For roller bearings with a diameter of more than 30mm, the centralized process method is usually used on the double axis or multi axis automatic lathe or the decentralized process method is used on the numerical control lathe. For large and medium roller bearing blanks, the hot forging method is used.




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