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Round head needle roller
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Influence of material on service life of stainless steel needle roller bearing

2020-02-18 16:16:38

The ferrule and the turnover body under the pressure of the needle are repeatedly subjected to high contact pressure while carrying out the turnover touch accompanied by the drag. The retainer, on one side, is in contact with the two sides of the ferrule and the turnover body, or one side of the retainer is dragged, and on the other side is subject to the anti pulling force and the closing force. Therefore, the material, characteristics and key requirements of the rolling bearing rings, turnover bodies and cages are as follows.

1. The force is applied through the center line of the rolling bearing as much as possible, which requires the symmetry and stability of the mean value of the force application point, and the force is applied through the curved surface or parallel plane at the center line.

2. The size of the force application should be stable and average, not suitable for impact, so it is required to select steam pressure or special tools that can release stable tensile resistance or working pressure. When it is really necessary to select hammering, it also needs to go through the buffer of copper sleeve specification and other too soft and hard to drop scrap metal materials in many ways, and the beating force should be as light and fast as possible. The hammer shall be terminated with a copper rod or hammer.

3. Avoid applying force through the turning body, which requires that the inner hole (shaft ring) be applied force through the inner hole, and the outer side be applied force through the outer side.

4. The drag force shall be kept to the required level. For example, when the rolling bearing of the equipment is placed in the proper position, the application of force shall be interrupted to ensure that the inner hole of the ferrule (sealing ring) is against the inner hole of the seat hole or the shoulder of the shaft, which can neither be squeezed too tightly nor installed in time. Characteristics demanded by ferrule and turnover material: characteristics demanded by turnover fatigue compressive strength, high strength, high friction resistance and strong cage material: specification, firmness, strong impact toughness, in addition, good process performance is also required. According to the different uses, there are also appeal for its impact resistance, temperature resistance, good adhesion resistance.

5. Cylindrical roller bearing maintenance: in order to maintain the original characteristics of the needle principle in good conditions for a long time, it is necessary to maintain, repair and prevent safety accidents for a long time, so as to ensure the firmness of operation, develop consumption and rationality. In the case of further impact resistance, chromium steel, chromium molybdenum steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel and carburizing heat treatment are used as rolling bearing materials to make the steel have a soft layer from the surface to the appropriate deep layer. Therefore, according to the selection of a unique non-standard bearing vibration meter (frequency resolver, etc.) can accurately measure the size of vibration, according to the frequency can not speculate on the details of abnormalities. The measured value is different because of the application standard of rolling bearing or the installation position of sensor, so it is necessary to analyze the accurate measured value of each equipment in advance and then make clear the resolution specification.




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