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Bearing roller

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The size of the central roller can be polished to improve wear resistance and drive system output power. The finishing agent is divided into two types: finishing oil and finishing grease. Automobile oil, 90-180 turbine oil or 140 main shaft bearing oil are used for clean oil. Lithium based vegetable oil can be used for smooth grease. The smooth grease is added into the interior space of the external thread dovetail guide rail and the cover where the nuts are installed, while the smooth oil is introduced into the interior space of the nuts according to the oil inlet on the cover.

It can be concluded that the large planetary roller ball screw and other components of the drive system with rolling friction do not work under the condition of damage basically if only the particles of wear-resistant materials and organic chemical specific chemicals are avoided. However, if dirt falls into the dovetail guide rail, or dirty clean oil is applied, it will not always hinder the normal operation of the steel ball, and greatly improve the damage.

Maintenance of large planetary roller ball screw

Generally, the felt ring is used to seal the nut pair. The thickness of the felt ring is 2-3 times of the pitch, and the internal thread is made into the appearance of the external thread, so that it can be inseparably wrapped up with the ball screw and installed into the slot holes on both sides of the nut or sleeve specification. Apart from soft felt, the sealing ring can also be made of acid and alkali resistant vulcanized rubber or nylon to ensure the quality of the central roller. Because the sealing ring and the ball screw touch immediately, the antifouling effect is good, but also improves the friction moment of the ball screw nut pair. In order to avoid this kind of friction moment, the non grid enigma seal ring made of hard plastic can be used, and the internal thread is made into the reverse of the ball screw external thread dovetail guide rail, and a certain gap can be reserved.

As for the exposed ball screw, the screw type rigid belt, telescopic sleeve specification, taper sleeve specification, foldable plastic or artificial leather and other protective covers are generally used to prevent the floating dust and frosted particles from adhering to the ball screw surface. Besides being close to the protective cover of the slide rail, one end of these protective covers is connected to the inner hole of the steel ball nut, and the other end is fixed on the support plate seat of the ball screw rod. That way we can be more solid.



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