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Needle roller manufacturer
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Needle roller

Needle roller

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The assembly line of plane needle roller bearing should pay attention to the following 8 points:

(1) Before the rolling bearing assembly line, the rolling bearing position shall be free of all dirt.

(2) Generally, the inner hole of the inner hole of the rolling bearing shall be close to the shaft shoulder (shaft clamp). After the assembly line of the outer side of the rolling bearing, the contact between the precise positioning end of the rolling bearing cover and the sealing ring or the outer side shall be even.

(3) During the whole process of rolling bearing assembly line, if it is found that the holes or shafts are too loose for each other, the dimensional tolerance shall be checked; if it is too tight, it is not allowed to force rough assembly line, the causes of the problems shall be checked and analyzed, and the relative solutions shall be made.

(4) During the assembly line of rolling bearing, a layer of grease shall be applied on the surface of mutual fitting parts, and the end without model and specification of rolling bearing shall face inwards, that is, the direction of bearing shoulder.

(5) After the cylindrical roller bearing is installed, the rotation of the relative speed parts shall be flexible and light. If there is any clamping stagnation, the causes of the difficult problems shall be checked and analyzed, and the relative solutions shall be made.

(6) When assembling the non-standard plane needle roller, the special press shall be used. It is forbidden to use the assembly line by knocking immediately. When assembling the rolling bearing, the dimension, orientation and position of the added point shall be as far as possible. It is not allowed to support the maintenance frame or the needle roller body. It shall be supported symmetrically to ensure that the inner hole and the shaft are vertical.

(7) For the rolling bearing with lubricating grease and its auxiliary surface, appropriate lubricating grease shall be introduced after assembly line. Zg-5 lubricating grease can be selected according to gb491-65 calcium base grease for rolling bearings with operating temperature not exceeding 65 ℃; zn-2zn-3 lubricating grease can be selected according to gb492-77 calcium base grease for rolling bearings with operating temperature higher than 65 ℃.

(8) The temperature of cylindrical roller bearing shall not exceed 35 ℃ in all normal operation and 70 ℃ in operation.



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