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High precision locating pin

High precision locating pin

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For cylindrical roller bearings without inner hole or outer side, when machining the roller, the turning surface of the shaft or housing hole shall be coated with a layer of lubricating grease, and the needle shall be close to the lubricating grease in the installation position. A gap should be left when sticking a needle. The size of the gap should be 0 in the circle of the cylindrical roller bearing. 5mm is appropriate. It is not allowed to squeeze a needle in or miss a needle. As a result, the rolling bearing will be stuck and can not rotate. When missing, the gap is too large, which is easy to cause the needle to twist and break during the operation of the rolling bearing.

It is emphasized here that for the cam roller that can only be stamped on the outside of the die, because the outside wall is too thin, it does not need to be knocked and installed by a round head hammer, so it should be pressed in by a press. Because of the uneven working pressure when the ball head hammer strikes, it is very easy to cause partial deformation on the outside of the cylindrical roller bearing.





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