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Round head needle roller
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A brief introduction to the development of sealing technology of needle roller bearing with round head

2020-02-19 10:38:32

In the recent development of stainless steel needle production, both sides are installed with relative sealing equipment. On the one hand, the utility model can maintain that the lubricating grease (oil) inside the rolling bearing is not easy to flow out in the application, so as to ensure that the accuracy of the stainless steel needle roller is in the situation of moistening, on the other hand, it can maintain that the floating dust or harmful substances outside the rolling bearing are not easy to enter the inner wall of the rolling bearing, so as to prevent damage to the rolling bearing. Generally, there are sealing rings of vulcanized rubber or rubber products, which are also cold extruded sealing rings of thick steel plates (or sealing covers). The sealing structure of the sealing ring is various, and the actual sealing effect is also different. If there is a gap between the sealing ring and the transmission shaft, it is called non capacitive grid sealing. The smaller the gap, the better the actual sealing effect, but the smaller the speed ratio of the shaft is allowed to be; conversely, it is the opposite. If there is no gap between the seal ring and the transmission shaft, it is called capacity grid sealing. The larger the total area of the contact lip of the seal ring is, the better the actual sealing effect is. However, the smaller the speed ratio of the shaft is allowed, and vice versa. The key research direction of sealing technology is scientific research, development and design of relative sealing equipment used in different working conditions, and the compatibility of the sealing ring material and relative lubricating grease.

Selection basis

The installation of sealing equipment for stainless steel needle roller is more than 4 years. In the past, the rolling bearings were all open type. In order to ensure the lubrication and anti pollution of rolling bearings, the sealing equipment was built on the shafts on both sides of the rolling bearings. With the development trend of industrial production, it is very food industry. With the popularization of modern office machinery and household appliances, it is stipulated that the design of machinery and equipment is compact, and the net weight relief also needs to avoid water seepage and steam leakage, which leads to the rolling bearing with its own sealed equipment. Firstly, it is widely used in a large range of concave groove rolling bearings. In recent years, various roller bearings often have rolling bearings with different sealing rings. The sealing performance of rolling bearings is one of the key directions of the technical development trend of rolling bearings. Today, a quarter of the rolling bearing production in China has been installed with sealing rings. In the next decade, there will be 2-3 rolling bearing structures every year The development trend of the rolling bearings is to form the sealed structure rolling bearings. Different structure of rolling bearing and different working conditions of its application stipulate that the structure of sealing ring is different from that of raw materials, so the labor volume of scientific research and development design is quite large.




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