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Round head needle roller
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Heat treatment technology of foreign needle roller bearing

2020-02-19 10:32:26

The size of stainless steel needle and the quality of quenching and tempering treatment are related to the quality of production and processing after the event, and even to the performance index and service life of the parts. In addition, quenching and tempering treatment is also a major energy consumption planting and environmental pollution planting in the machinery manufacturing industry. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, as well as the application of quenching and tempering treatment, the development trend of heat treatment equipment is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Clean up the sewage, organic waste gas, waste salt, smoke, noise and electromagnetic radiation generated by the quenching and tempering treatment will cause environmental pollution to the natural environment. It is one of the directions of the development trend of heat treatment equipment in capitalist countries to deal with the ecological environment problems of conditioning treatment and to carry out the cleaning and conditioning treatment (or low-carbon environmental conditioning treatment). In order to reduce the emission of SO2, Co, CO2, soot and slag, coal has been basically avoided as the natural material, and the demand for fuel oil is getting lower and lower. It is common to change it into light oil, and gas is still the most ideal natural material. The temperature application of combustion furnace equipment has exceeded a very high level. The improvement of combustion mechanism and the strict control of air-fuel ratio ensure that NOx and Co are reduced to the minimum under the premise of effective ignition. The solution of salt bath is replaced by the technology of vapor nitriding, carbonitriding and vacuum heat treatment to reduce the environmental pollution of waste salt and CN containing harmful substances to water resources. The solution of water to generate quenching is selected In order to reduce the pollution of oil environment, a part of quenching oil was replaced by fire oil, and a part of mineral oil was replaced by microbial biodegradation edible oil.

(2) There are two meanings of high precision quenching and tempering: on the one hand, according to the application regulations, raw materials and structural specifications of parts, using the professional knowledge of physical metallurgy industry and good computer simulation simulation and NDT technology, improving the main parameters of processing technology, exceeding the required characteristics or giving full play to the development potential of raw materials to a large extent; On the other hand, it can fully guarantee the reliability of improving the processing technology, keep the product quality dispersion small (or zero) and change the quality control treatment to zero.

(3) The manufacturing and project management of scientific research on environmental protection, energy saving, quality control and treatment are the most potential elements for the rational use of electric energy. The selection of innovative management is to establish a professional heat treatment plant to ensure the overload manufacturing and make full use of the working capacity of machinery and equipment. At the structural level of power energy, the first choice is primary energy; flexible use of equipment temperature and waste heat recovery; selection of processing technology with low energy consumption and short cycle time to replace long-term and high energy consumption.

(4) The air less oxidation and tempering treatment is from choosing maintenance atmosphere heating instead of air oxidation atmosphere heating to controlling atmosphere heating with precise control of carbon potential and nitrogen potential. The characteristics of parts after tempering treatment are improved. The disadvantages of tempering treatment, such as carburization and cracks, are greatly reduced. The amount of deep processing left after tempering treatment is small, which improves the utilization rate of raw materials and machining efficiency. Vacuum pump heating air quenching, vacuum pump or bottom pressure nitriding, high frequency quenching, nitrocarburizing and boronizing can greatly improve the quality, reduce the deformation and improve the service life.

The quality management of the quenching and tempering treatment of stainless steel bearing needle is more severe in all the machinery manufacturing industries. In the past 20 years, the price of stainless steel needle has been greatly reduced, which can be seen in the following aspects: scientific research on the basic knowledge of quenching and tempering; scientific research on heat treatment method and application technology; development and design of new quenching and tempering weapons and related technologies.




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