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Roller manufacturers tell you how to reduce noise when roller bearings work

2020-02-19 09:58:01

1.Principle of vibration and noise of cylindrical roller bearing

During the whole running process of the car locating pin, the rolling bearing vibration will be caused by the ductile vibration system software composed of the ductile touch between the raceway and the turnover body, the forced vibration system software caused by the manufacturing deviation of the rolling bearing parts and the self-excited vibration system software caused by the drag during the fitness movement between the rolling bearing parts. When the kinetic energy of vibration is transmitted to the gas, the noise of rolling bearing is produced. Generally speaking, vibration and noise are different. Vibration and noise problems are often judged by one of them. Because people can hear noise and feel vibration, but not according to their frequency. Very few people can hear the high frequency sound, and the high frequency vibration can not be felt. Therefore, high frequency is "vibration problem", while high frequency is "noise problem". According to work experience, the suitable boundary between vibration and noise is 1000Hz. In other words, if the frequency is below 1000Hz, it is a vibration problem, and if the frequency is above 1000Hz, it is a noise problem.


2 key noise types of cylindrical roller bearing

2.1 rolling bearing ring noise

Rolling bearing ring noise is more common in cylindrical roller bearings. This noise is related to the installation standard of engine locating pin, bending rigidity and precision. If the inner ring line of the rolling bearing has a large axial ripple on the dovetail guide rail, when the inner ring line of the ball bearing rotates here, the steel ball will be on the top of the wave soldering peak, which will not only cause the axial vibration of the outer ring, but also cause the radial vibration of the outer ring.

2.2 noise of transparent holder

The key to this noise is the noise from the collision between the transparent holder and the flipper. When this kind of noise occurs, the vibration intensity of the transparent holder will increase, which is generally considered as a self-excited vibration between the turnover body and the transparent holder. This noise is usually common in cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings. The reason for the poor wetting and excessive axial gap is the noise caused by the transparent retainer.

3 noise of cylindrical roller bearing

First, the problem of lubrication and cleaning of rolling bearing. The application of lubricating grease is the precondition and guarantee for the normal operation of motor and screw locating pin. If there is too little grease between the rolling bearings, it will cause the sliding friction and noise under such effect. For different components, the selected grease is different. If the selected grease is not scientific, it will cause abnormal noise from cylindrical roller bearing. In addition, keeping clean is a way to reduce rolling bearing noise. This is because, in the more dirty and disorderly natural environment, it is very easy to make some dust particles enter into the gap of rolling bearing. The operation of cylindrical roller bearing will cause this kind of particles to be rolled and then pasted on the driving face of rolling bearing, which is caused by abnormal noise of cylindrical roller bearing; secondly, the quality of rolling bearing products. The quality problem of rolling bearing is one of the reasons for the abnormal vibration of cylindrical roller bearing. Through inspection, it is found that the quality of cylindrical roller bearing will harm the noise size of rolling bearing. The quality problems of rolling bearing products include the shortcomings of rolling bearing itself, such as the poor precision of some rolling bearing steel balls, scratches on the surface of steel balls, the unsmooth waviness and roundness of roller bearings, the prohibition of accurate positioning of cage, etc. The quality problems of rolling bearing products also include the quality defects caused in the whole process of storage or installation, such as erosion, pressure break, friction, etc., which are caused by abnormal noise.



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