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Round head needle roller
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Two cleaning methods of stainless steel needle

2020-02-19 09:48:56

After the industrial production keeps specialization, the application of industrial equipment is more and more common, and its types are more and more. On this basis, the installation of locating pin has also achieved a fairly high level of development trend, cylindrical roller bearing belongs to a relatively common one. Although the cylindrical roller bearing, like other steel parts, will turn black after long use, the cleaning method is really different.

1. Clean and maintain the purpose of cylindrical roller bearing

There are two aspects in the key, one is to make the locating pin bolt in an ideal operation condition and increase its service life; the other is to make full use of the characteristics of cylindrical roller bearing so that industrial equipment can operate normally.

2. Rough cleaning of cylindrical roller bearing

Immediately remove the lubricating grease or adhesive on the surface of cylindrical roller bearing with special tools such as soft bristle brush, but pay attention not to damage the surface of cylindrical roller bearing.

3. Cleaning method for locating pin

In the case of cleaning, the neutral water-free diesel engine or gasoline must be prepared in advance as the cleaner, and the application of warm caustic soda solution can also be considered naturally. Then put the cylindrical roller bearing into the oil to rotate gradually, and clean it carefully. In addition, after cleaning, antirust agent or antirust treatment grease shall be applied on the surface of rolling bearing, which has excellent antirust treatment effect.

Generally speaking, the cleaning of cylindrical roller bearing is very important. In actual operation, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, so that the cleaned surface can be repaired under the premise of ensuring its characteristics.




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